Xbox One From a PlayStation Fan Perspective

When I accomplish a great writing session, I like to reward myself with extra time to play video games. Hell, sometimes I even reward myself with new games or accessories. This week I finally caved an bought an Xbox One. I’ve been playing PlayStation consoles since the days of PSone and Cool Boarders, and i’ve loved my PS4 since launch day. My PS3 has almost kicked the bucket, and I can rarely get discs to read, so this new Xbox One console took its place on my TV stand.

After finally getting to test out Microsoft’s Xbox One, it’s easy to see why so many gamers have switched to PS4 and Sony’s sales have been higher.


Does this thing play VHS?

The Xbox One is unfathomably archaic. The controllers still require batteries, the controller itself needed an update to work, the power brick is HUGE with a cord so short you don’t have a lot of placement options. The console itself is the size and style of a DVD/VCR combo circa 1994. Personally, I find navigating the blocky menus sucks just like Windows PC sucks.(Instead of PS4’s linear and easy navigation menu.) Installs take FOREVER and seem to be accompanied by unwanted freezing/pausing which takes the download even longer to complete. The older Xbox One’s didn’t even make it easy to chat with a current headset.

Seriously, this is archaic. Xbox One may support the newest Windows and the Snap option is handy, but everything else feels outdated as hell.

With that hate out of the way, I do find the Xbox One controller both visually and physically appealing. I loathed the 360 controller, so this is a great improvement. The 360 controller hurt my hands after about an hour of use, but I played Gears of War with the Xbox One controller for over an hour with no pain at all.

The graphics don’t look nearly as bad as many of us assumed when we poked fun at the lack of 1080p. It’s also nice having a Showtime app. That’s the only really nice things I can say about the console so far, but maybe my opinions will change.

Again, all my opinions. The overall console war is silly, and it’s always just about opinions and preferences. If I had to pick only one console, I know I would pick my PlayStation. I have friends who live and die by Xbox. It’s also okay to love them both. I was just personally disappointed in Microsoft’s decisions for the Xbox One.

And to end on a brighter note, I’m replaying Tomb Raider on my PS4 so I can play Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One.


This game brings beautiful action.

What games are you playing or looking forward to? I’m also a huge fan of TellTale Games, so I can’t wait for their unique Batman story and Michonne’s  Walking Dead mini series.

2 thoughts on “Xbox One From a PlayStation Fan Perspective

  1. Hi! I had help setting up my blog, but I believe plugins aren’t an option unless you host your WordPress blog on another site. If you’re already hosting somewhere, you should have a ton of plugin options in the admin section. Hope that is helpful. 🙂


  2. Though Ps4 is easier to navigate I feel as if xbox has more apps and options which is why it is the way it is. If xbox had the same setup as ps4 do you know how long the line of apps would be? Haha. love both, which is why ps4 is my main squeeze and xbox is for exclusives.


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