#PimpMyBio Pitch Wars 2017

#Pimp My Bio

It’s Pitch Wars time! Third time’s the charm, right?

Tennant Who giphy

My Manuscript is HEROES meets THE DRESDEN FILES

FATE OF ALL WORLDS is an #ownvoices YA Contemporary Fantasy

As a powerful meta-human who can regenerate and teleport, seventeen-year-old Kat Reese is a soldier tasked with preventing a supernatural war, but the job becomes complicated when her forbidden girlfriend gets caught in the uprising.

FATE OF ALL WORLDS has superpowers inspired by my love of X-Men, Heroes, and Marvel’s Runaways mixed with the massive supernatural worlds found in Supernatural, The Dresden Files, The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf.

FATE novel asthetics



This features f/f romance (not HEA) and other LGBTQ characters, and the cast reflects the diversity found in my own life.


I’m dedicated and ready to work! I take constructive criticism really well, and I’m pretty much down for whatever communication methods you want to use. Skype, text, email, phone, raven, or owl.*

We can be all business or bombard each other with GIFs of shared fandoms.

*I don’t have any messenger birds, but you’re welcome to use your own.




My name is Summer, and I’m a freelance writer. I write about Call of Duty and Ghost Recon: Wildlands for Kotaku, and I create eSports content for Gfinity. You can find me on Twitter, where I’m usually fangirling about books or games.

If I’m not writing, I’m usually painting fantasy landscapes, gaming, or reading. Or perhaps Netflix binging. What is sleep?

“Erupt” fantasy landscape 16×20


I love video games with open worlds and loveable characters. Zombies are a bonus. I love Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout, Skyrim, Borderlands, Life is Strange, and I play way too much Call of Duty.

I rep too many fandoms to name them all. Some top picks include: Buffy, Firefly, Supernatural, The 100, BSG, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, GoT, and I love X-men. I love comics. I am Groot.

I try so hard to be sorted into Gryffindor, but online quizzes and Pottermore really want me to be Hufflepuff.

Huge thanks to Brenda Drake and the entire Pitch Wars team for all their hard work. Love this community. ❤

You can find more awesome mentee bios here.

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