S.E. Doster is a freelance writer with over five years of published experience, covering news and reviews on Call of Duty and other major titles for Kotaku and GameSpot. In the past, she was an editor and content creator for Gfinity, where she covered major tournaments for games like Gears of War, Rocket League, and of course, Call of Duty.

Assuming she’s not busy writing, she also loves to nerd out over her favorite fandoms, drink lots of coffee, go axe throwing, and play way too many video games. She’s also a self-taught artist with over fifteen years of experience with acrylic painting and three years of sculpting with polymer clay. Her art brand Geeky Acrylics can be found on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, where she provides painting and sculpting tutorials.


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. We met during a really dark time in my life, and I can honestly say that our friendship was the best thing to come out of a bad situation. Thank you for all those late night gaming chats when I couldn’t sleep, and all the goofy jokes to make me laugh. I appreciate your honesty, humor, your constant motivation and continued support. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect best friend. ❤

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  2. I believe that something was left out in S.E. Doster’s Bio page along the lines of, “one of the most magnificent people to walk this earth. Full of passion, humor, inspiration, and the best friend that everyone wishes to have.”

    I am very blessed and fortunate to have been given the chance to meet S.E. Doster, one out of millions of people on this planet. Very lucky that we had cross paths in our life time and many more paths to come!

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