I got an agent! (A very late announcement)

I’ve neglected my blog for most of the year, so I’m way past due with the announcement that I finally have an agent! I had a few manuscripts that I queried off and on for YEARS, so I am honored and thrilled to announce I’m now represented by the wonderful Eric Smith at P.S. Literary.

Being such an introvert, I was both nervous and eager to live pitch my novel to Eric at the (virtual) San Diego Writing Workshop earlier this year. I absolutely loved his book Don’t Read the Comments, and I just felt like he was the right agent for my geeky brand. Eric was super nice, and pitching to him felt so easy. 

Also, I highly recommend the writing workshops and live pitching if able to do so. Prepping for live pitching was so helpful, and I felt much more comfortable with pitching and virtual social situations afterwards. Plus, the panels offer very informative insights into all things publishing.

Of course, it’s a relief to say that I don’t have to stress the querying trenches anymore. I got “the call” from Eric back in June, and I’m currently on submission with CONFESSIONS OF A WANNABE SUPERHERO, which is a middle grade contemporary fantasy. Eric is a literary rockstar, and I’m so excited and hopeful to make book stuff happen. 

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