Meet the Ghost of Sacrifice


This week’s Sacrifice character reveal is Micah Morgan.

Micah had been Kat’s best friend for as long as she could remember, but he died in a tragic car accident almost four years ago. She struggled with the loss, and his name went unspoken—until he started haunting her dreams. Micah’s spirit became linked with a group of mages, and he communicates with Kat through her dreams to warn what the future holds if she can’t stop the supernatural attacks happening across the country.


Micah facial hair and background GHOST




Introducing Cameron Ryan

This week’s Sacrifice character reveal includes art that I created myself. I’m not skilled at creating comic book concept art, so I decided to make digital concept portraits for some of the characters. This gives you an idea of how I picture the characters as I’m writing the story.

Cameron Ryan portraitCameron Ryan is the girlfriend that Katherine Reese isn’t supposed to have. She was born in Australia as a mix of Australian and Tibetan, but her parents died when she was just a baby. She was adopted by her uncle who lived in the States, and spent her whole life in New York unaware of the supernatural world. Cameron’s eyes are opened to mystical elements when she learns Kat is a meta-human and rogue werewolves are discovered in her neighborhood—leaving her world forever changed.