Drakon Cover Reveal

A few weeks ago, I released the cover reveal for my YA novel The Alliance: Bloodlines. Now I’m excited to reveal the cover for Drakon, the sequel to Bloodlines.

Drakon v2


Drakon Blurb

The Alliance still defend the streets of Jefferson City, but the demon hunter team thought life would be better after the battle with Jaysk at the Four Aces—after their greatest enemy was defeated. However, Bailey deals with a loss her fellow hunters can’t understand, and now she hunts demons on her own. To make matters worse, a new Four Aces casino is being constructed, and Jaysk’s Queen is in town calling all of the shots.

The answers Bailey seeks and the power the Alliance needs to stop Jaysk’s Queen both exist in a place outside their world—the demon dimension known as Drakon. Bailey is horrified when she finally learns the details of her boyfriend’s former imprisonment and torture in Drakon. The nightmare continues when Jameson chases her through a portal leading straight into the demon dimension. Forced to deal with the haunting memories of his captivity, Jameson must help find a way to keep them from becoming prisoners or dragon food. The Alliance couple races against time to escape Drakon with a plan which they hope will defeat the Queen.

Thanks to my successful Indiegogo campaign, both novels will be released this holiday. Both covers were designed by the extremely talented Ida at Amygdala Design.

The Alliance Crowdfunding

On several occasions I have discussed re-branding my Alliance series of YA novels and crowdfunding ideas. I basically took the information I learned from last year’s failed Sacrifice Kickstarter and implemented a much more reasonable goal for the Alliance series.

This is basically just a small update to say I will launch an Indiegogo campaign tomorrow evening, and hope to receive help funding self-pub costs for cover art and formatting for the first two Alliance novels. I would love to have your support. Become a part of the “Alliance Street Team” and share the campaign even if you can’t donate. Word of mouth helps campaigns and sell books.

I’ll post a link to the crowdfunding page tomorrow evening when the project is live. Stay tuned!

Coming soon!

The Alliance: Bloodlines proof has been approved and the paperback will be available on Amazon within 5-7 days! I’ll post again once it hits the store. It should be just in time for the holidays! 😉 I’ll let you know when I get a date for the ebook format.

A New Look!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on Bloodlines. I have looked over the proof copy, and I found a few minor errors that need to be fixed. I should have a better idea of a release date once that is taken care of. Using CreateSpace has been a fairly easy self-publishing experience. 

The proof copy looks amazing!

The proof copy looks amazing!

You probably noticed a new look to the site. Much thanks to Dominique Davidson for creating the art for the page. She is an amazing artist and photographer so check out her site! http://www.ripleycreates.com/

More information and art coming soon. As always thanks for your support and stay awesome!