Get Nerdy at DragonCon 2013

Nerds Against The World

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a bunker somewhere prepping for an apocalypse, then you’ve probably heard about San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. Today I’m here to school you on a lesser known con with just as much heart and a huge line up of guests. Today nerds and nerdettes, I introduce you all to DragonCon which is Atlanta, Georgia’s multi-media pop-culture convention that covers sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, anime, film, literature, & more!

Are you located in the south or planning on taking a trip down south? Need Labor Day weekend plans of the geeky variety? You haven’t missed DragonCon 2013! The con will take place August 30th through September 2nd and a four day pass will cost you $130. The four day weekend pass is generally much cheaper if you order it earlier in the year and increases in price as the date gets closer…

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