My Top Five Fan Girl Moments at a Con

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Nerds Against The World

DragonCon is my favorite time of the year so I usually attend every year (until the last two years I haven’t been able to go) and I’ve met some of my favorite actors, writers, & artists there. Sometimes it’s disappointing when a guest comes and it seems like they really aren’t interested or they seem like a shallow douchebag. Then sometimes one pleasantly surprises you. So today I will countdown my five most awesome meetings at DragonCon and if you ever have a chance to meet any of the people I’ve mentioned then I hope you take it!

5. Brandon Routh: I love Superman (despite how disappointing Superman Returns was) & Scott Pilgrim so naturally I had a huge fan girl moment when meeting Brandon Routh. I lined up for his autograph session early one morning and was of course super nervous. (Note: I’m ridiculously shy & awkward) He was…

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