The Hiatus Is Over

Apologies for the lack of content. The site has been quiet over these past eight months as I dealt with a horrific loss. I’m finally back to the grind.

I’m going to do my best to bring more consistent content and updates with both art and writing. I’ve spent the last few months reviewing some of old projects and letting myself be motivated by my progression. My art has improved so much since the day I decide to buy some art supplies and paint a James Marsters/Spike portrait. And my writing has most definitely improved since the very first draft of The Alliance: Bloodlines.


I’ll post more about my art in an upcoming post, but for now I wanted to give an update on my writing projects.

First, thank you to all the fans of my Alliance series. The third Alliance book is currently stuck in limbo while I make plans for editing. The book needs another pass of revisions and then editing. I just want to make sure I have a solid game plan before launching the Indiegogo campaign. If you want to continue to support the series, reviews are still one of the best way to show your love for the Alliance. Reviews on Goodreads and Amazon will help fight the good fight.


The self-publishing route has been a great learning experience for my Alliance series, but I’ve decided to focus on a traditional approach for Sacrifice. I’m entering Twitter pitch contests and querying agents to hopefully find representation for the LGBT fantasy novel. The manuscript has evolved from a NA fantasy novel to a YA fantasy with really strong revisions, and I couldn’t be more proud of the growth of this story.

Seriously, the Twitter pitch contests have helped so much. So. Much. I’ve learned a ton about writing and publishing since I first discovered Brenda Drake on Twitter. Her contests will help you find more motivation, improve your craft, and welcome you into an amazing and supportive writing community. Here’s a piece on my first Pitch Wars experience and why you should enter. Also, follow her on Twitter and check out her books. She’s amazing!

With Alliance #3 on the backburner and Sacrifice looking for a home, I’m currently working on a really fun MG superhero novel. I don’t really want to give too much info yet, but my MC lives in a world where comic books are nonfiction, and she’s superhero obsessed.

Again, thanks for all the support I’ve received through social media these last 8 months. More content is coming real soon. ❤

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