YA Paranormal- LGBTQ F/F pairing

Status: rewriting

Set in 2019, Alex Manning inherits a derelict arcade from her dead father. She visits her new inheritance in hopes of coping with her loss, but instead she meets the ghost of Whitney Pierce, a young girl who died in the 90s. Alex hopes whatever magic lies within the old arcade will allow her to see her dad, too. But when Alex touches an old Star Wars pinball machine, she realizes she’s reliving the chilling past decades of the arcade. A once safe haven turned murder house. Spirits both good and evil are being released with her every touch, and she becomes trapped inside. If she can’t find a way to settle the spirits, the arcade’s gruesome past may swallow her whole.


LGBTQ YA contemporary with light sci-fi elements and F/F rivals to lovers romance


Status: First draft

17 yo Mackenzie has dreamed of competing in Draft Games since she was nine. It’s the biggest esports event of the year, but when her game developer dad ghosts her whole family, her motivation for earning a spot to compete on the main stage is even greater this year. He’d coached her for years to rival the boys her age, so she’s certain all the media attention will bring him back to her. There’s no way he’d miss such a moment.

But when Mackenzie wins the tournament and makes the pro team, she learns her father left for a reason and Draft Games is no longer what it seems. While the amateur gamers competed in the world’s most televised tournament for their favorite war shooter, a robotics company was creating the game’s tech in real life. And her father’s been forced to help them.

When a rival company steals the tech for harm, Mackenzie’s pro team is recruited to use the game to help fight the thieves before all of New York City and the rest of the country is terrorized. If they can stop the terrorists, her dad can go free and they might all escape with their lives.



Status: Final revisions. (Final. I swear.)

Long distance relationships are tough, especially for a teenage, superpowered weapon. Kat Reese is forbidden to date, so when she commits treason by spilling military secrets to her online girlfriend, she must find a way to protect her girlfriend from the supernatural target on her back.


12 issue comic book series-Horror/Fantasy

Status: Seven issues drafted

Episodic story adaptation

Status: Paused

Madison O’Malley was just a soldier who enlisted to rebel against her estranged family—until the Fallen came. The hideous creatures sought the extinction of the entire human race, and they didn’t even need to lift a finger to wipe out over 80% of the population. The Fallen summoned the dead from their graves to kill like something out of an old horror flick. Unlike the movies, you didn’t get infected from a scratch or a bite, you simple had to die. Every dead body on Earth was reanimated with magic, and Madison and the rest of the survivors had to fight against their dead loved ones to try and find a weakness in the Fallen.


Currently working on a game plan to crowdfund the Extinction comic book project. I have an artist who assisted me with five pages to pitch the comic.  I will write the series—most of the issues are drafted out—but I need to be able to pay my artist for his time on illustrating, color, and lettering. I’ll post again once I’ve worked out all the details. Here are some of the pages:

Color, letters, and illustration by P.R. Dedelis

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