Adult LGBTQ Vigilante Short Story – 12,000 words

Status: Revisions

Set in 1987 NYC, Anthony sought comfort in comic books because being the only gay kid on his block was a harsh reality he wanted to escape. Bangers ruled the city streets at night, but fear never stopped his date nights with Clayton Dunn— until the Bangers killed Clay. Anthony saw the blood pooled on the floor of the grungy arcade every time he closed his eyes, and the grief pulled him towards a dangerous line of vengeance.


MG- Superhero fiction-

Status: polished MS entered in Pitch Wars 2018


12 issue comic book series-Horror/Fantasy

Status: Seven issues drafted

Episodic story adaptation

Status: Draft in Progress

Madison O’Malley was just a soldier who enlisted to rebel against her estranged family—until the Fallen came. The hideous creatures sought the extinction of the entire human race, and they didn’t even need to lift a finger to wipe out over 80% of the population. The Fallen summoned the dead from their graves to kill like something out of an old horror flick. Unlike the movies, you didn’t get infected from a scratch or a bite, you simple had to die. Every dead body on Earth was reanimated with magic, and Madison and the rest of the survivors had to fight against their dead loved ones to try and find a weakness in the Fallen.


Currently working on a game plan to crowdfund the Extinction comic book project. I have an artist who assisted me with five pages to pitch the comic.  I will write the series—most of the issues are drafted out—but I need to be able to pay my artist for his time on illustrating, color, and lettering. I’ll post again once I’ve worked out all the details. Here are some of the pages:

Color, letters, and illustration by P.R. Dedelis

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