Other Comics

Page 3 from issue #1 of The Alliance:Bloodlines comic.

Page #3 of issue one. Pencils and ink by Brian Proctor and colors by Ryan Marshall.

I adapted the Bloodlines novel into comic book form, but now the project needs a new artist to continue. Feel free to contact me if you are an artist that might be interested in helping me revive the Bloodlines comic for a possible Kickstarter.

Here are the first fourteen inked pages from the first issue of the Bloodlines comic. Hope you enjoy! Script by S.E. Doster and art by Brian Proctor. For those who read the novel, the order of events are different in the comic. Again this is no longer a WIP, I need a new artist if I want to try to adapt Bloodlines into a comic again.






A WIP (unrelated to Bloodlines) involves working with my friend Jerry Buckholt on his comic book titled Adam Swift. And if you want to know more about the Adam Swift comic, please check out Jerry’s interview HERE.

More info and pics coming soon so stay tuned!

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