Extinction Comic Series

Extinction is a twelve issue comic series created and written by: S.E. Doster with art by P.R. Dedelis

Madison O’Malley was just a soldier that enlisted as a way to rebel against her estranged family… until The Fallen came.  The hideous creatures appeared and declared war against the humans. The Fallen wanted the extinction of the entire human race. The creatures didn’t even need to lift a finger to wipe out 80% of the population. They had our dead rise from the Earth and kill us like something out of an old zombie horror flick. But unlike the movies, you didn’t get infected from a scratch or a bite, you simple had to die. Every dead body on Earth was reanimated and that left Madison and the rest of the survivors fighting against their dead loved ones to try and survive.

Pg01 Pencils Pg02 Pencils (1)

Sound interesting? I would love to see this comic published or perhaps funded for self-publishing through a Kickstarter. I wanted to have a few completed pages before pitching to publishers or setting up a Kickstarter. In order to pay for the art (Pencils, inks, colors, lettering, & cover art) I need to raise the funds. I’ve been selling art (I do acrylic paintings) to help cover costs, but I need help spreading the word. I’m not asking for donations. I’m simply asking people to check out my Etsy shop & share with friends and family. All the profits from my Etsy store will go towards art for the Extinction comic. Thanks for your time and support! ❤

My Etsy shop: HERE

My Facebook page where you can see more of my art: HERE

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