Meet the Stealthiest Member of Sacrifice

This week’s Sacrifice character reveal introduces Cash. I love writing his dialogue, and he quickly became one of my favorite supporting characters. Everyone needs a gay best friend, especially the always troubled Katherine Reese.

Cash sacrifice portraitCash is a member of Kat’s prestigious Alpha team. He’s a tall, blonde haired, dreamy eyed, martial arts master who loves to watch Xena and sleep with men. He’s the youngest member of the team at only nineteen, but he is the stealth and recon expert. Kat describes Cash as a “white boy ninja” since he moves at an inhuman speed and makes no detectable noise while doing so. Cash hates firearms so when he needs more than just hand to hand combat, he chooses a blade or bow as his weapon.


Introducing Cameron Ryan

This week’s Sacrifice character reveal includes art that I created myself. I’m not skilled at creating comic book concept art, so I decided to make digital concept portraits for some of the characters. This gives you an idea of how I picture the characters as I’m writing the story.

Cameron Ryan portraitCameron Ryan is the girlfriend that Katherine Reese isn’t supposed to have. She was born in Australia as a mix of Australian and Tibetan, but her parents died when she was just a baby. She was adopted by her uncle who lived in the States, and spent her whole life in New York unaware of the supernatural world. Cameron’s eyes are opened to mystical elements when she learns Kat is a meta-human and rogue werewolves are discovered in her neighborhood—leaving her world forever changed.


How to Plan a Successful Kickstarter Part 1of 2

So what is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a reward based crowdfunding platform that helps you obtain the funds needed to bring your creative project to life. You present your project with a set time and goal, and backers can pledge money for one of your reward tiers. Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding which means that if you don’t reach your goal in the set time, you will get nothing and the backers don’t lose anything.

When I first decided to use Kickstarter for one of my projects, I knew that I would have to do my homework if I wanted to be successful. My project hasn’t launched yet, but I feel I’ve done my best to help the Kickstarter succeed.

So what do you do if you feel that you have a project which might benefit from crowdfunding? Three Ps: Passion, patience, and a ton of planning.

I’m just going to assume if you’re interested in creating your own crowdfunding project that the passion is already there. Let’s hope so because the planning portion can be stressful and time consuming.

I haven’t discouraged you yet? Good!

The hardest part of this entire experience has been my lack of patience. I’ve never been a patient person, but this anxious need to launch the project NOW has really been a test of my willpower. So many times I’ve wanted to hurry and just launch my campaign. Bad idea. Hasty decisions and rushed work will only work against you. A sloppy job on your Kickstarter proposal just discredits everything that you’ve worked so hard on, so take your time and only launch the project once everything is in place. Accept now that there may be delays and bumps in the road.

My original launch date for my Sacrifice Kickstarter was sometime in May, and then delays pushed me back to June. It’s now July and I still don’t have a date. If I had said forget the extra work and just launched using what I had on hand, I’m pretty sure that my project would have failed already. The wait will be worth it.

Remember these are people coming to your page as potential backers. It’s your job to convince them why they should.

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Meet the Muscle of Sacrifice

Here’s the character reveal for this week that was also created by Jerry Buckholt! Today I am introducing another member of the Alpha team, Reggie, who acts as Kat’s second in command.

Reggie is the oldest member of the Alpha team at just twenty-eight years old. He provides the muscle for the team with both super strength and weapon knowledge. His most useful meta-human ability is that he is literally bullet proof, but he’s not completely invulnerable since he’s not resistant to poison or magic.

Don't waste your ammo!

Don’t waste your ammo!

Stay tuned for more character reveals and details on this upcoming Kickstarter project! And thank you for your support!

Introducing the Characters of Sacrifice

I promised that I would reveal the characters of Sacrifice, and I didn’t want to leave my readers hanging! I’m kicking things off today by revealing an illustration of Sacrifice’s humble protagonist.

Here is an illustration of Katherine Reese that was created by Jerry Buckholt.

Kat Reese JB print

Kat is a meta-human who lives a double life, but her duplicity begins to fall apart when she investigates werewolf attacks across the country. Her family has no knowledge that Kat has meta-human abilities, or that she is part of secret supernatural military that protects the world. She also has a girlfriend—against the rules of her military contract—which becomes problematic when she finds rogue werewolves are hiding out in her girlfriend’s backyard. In her attempt to protect her significant other, Kat uncovers a startling plan that will disrupt the balance between the humans and the supernatural. She must find a way to protect her loved ones, and keep the peaceful balance of the world.

She has the ability to teleport, super strength, and healing powers, but her talents mean nothing if she can’t protect her loved ones. Kat discovers she might have to sacrifice everything to save them.

Stay tuned as more characters are revealed! And a big shout out to Jerry for creating such stunning illustrations for my Kickstarter!