Let Music Spawn Creativity


Whenever I sit down to write, I pick a playlist or album that fits the mood of what I plan to write. I always have music going in the background to motivate and inspire me.

Some people believe that classical music provides great creativity for the brain, but I tend to lean towards rock music. I personally think rock music makes great inspirational tunes for action and/or fight scenes. I turn to slow powerful ballads for the dramatic moments. I even have a whole playlist of mixed genres set up for those times when I need something more on the mushy side.

Not every song is right for every story so you may want to give it some thought first. There are some songs you might want to avoid while trying to convey a certain mood in your story. If you are writing an intense shootout or car chase, then you probably don’t want to hear a slow song that reminds you of your ex and breathes life back into those old memories.

My recommendation would be to set up several playlists filled with songs you enjoy and let each one have a specific mood. A friend recently convinced me to try Spotify and I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it. It is so easy to set up playlists and after you listen to enough music, the site will start suggesting music based off what you’ve selected so far.

Hopefully you have found this information helpful and I’d love to hear what music you enjoy listening to while you write.  Now grab a pen, turn on some music, and start writing!

3 thoughts on “Let Music Spawn Creativity

  1. Seriously, Spotify is a life saver. I remember when I used to write short stories, I would do something pretty similar to this but with Pandora. Spotify makes it so much easier!

    Good read. Damn you for making me want to write more! I’ve had the first chapter of a mystery novel sitting here for a few years. Picked it back up today and revised — think I will continue writing. 🙂


    • Do it! Did you read my first blog about setting small goals? Just try and write at least 300 words everyday and be consistent. I’ll be here to motivate you if needed! 🙂


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