SACRIFICE Kickstarter Reward Tiers

Looking for some people to read over my reward tier to see if this a reasonable list. Please remember that the money for backing the reward has to go towards the physical reward items, shipping, and most importantly the project’s goals. The money from my Kickstarter that doesn’t go to the rewards, goes toward the professional editing, professional cover design, formatting for paperback, formatting for ebook, and more. I’d also like to pay my friends for their time in helping me create concept art and banners. Let me know your thoughts of the reward tiers, and which you feel holds the most value.

TIER ONE $1 – website shout out/thank you

TIER TWO $15 – PDF of the final product. Plus tier one

TIER THREE $30 – Paperback copy of the book signed. Plus tiers one and two.

TIER FOUR $50 – Paperback copy of the book signed, art print, plus tiers one and two.

TIER FIVE $75 – Paperback copy of book signed, choice of two art prints, plus tiers one and two.

TIER SIX $100 – (limited to five backers) Everything in tier four plus an acknowledgment in my book.

TIER SEVEN $500 – (limited to two backers) The backers name will be used as a minor character in the book- most likely a werewolf or mage that will be killed off in a fun and brutal fashion.Will also receive everything in tier four.

If stretch goals are reached (meaning I exceed my goal of $3,000) then I will add extra rewards. If I completely blow away my initial goal, then I will try for a mini comic and extra prints. I’d even like to do a hardcover version with some illustrations. Maybe even some bookmarks and postcards?

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